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Susan Munich Henkels

Susan Munich Henkels, M.S.W. graduated from the University of Michigan and received her Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  She has been in private practice for over 40 years working with teenagers, individuals, and couples from all parts of the country.  What If There Is Nothing Wrong With You (WITINWWY) has developed out of many years of listening to all that everybody thinks is wrong with them and others!

My relationship with trees runs underneath, through, and around WITINWWY.  Trees don’t question right or wrong; wonder why they are losing their branches or leaves, or is it time to change color in the fall, or should I be a birch or a pine.  A tree just is. In all its strength and glory, living in its present beauty, sacrificing without question. Each changing season is embraced with no complaint about being too cold, or too hot, or is this the right time.

Henkels grew up in Lexington, Kentucky climbing trees, falling out of trees, falling in love with trees and drawing trees.  They have become a constant source of inspiration for the creative blend of her drawings, her counseling profession and now her writing.  She has included some of her drawings as part of What If There Is Nothing Wrong With YouA Practice in Reinterpretation, as a meditative way to explore what you see about yourself and your own process.

If a tree were to ask is there something wrong with it, what possibly would be the answer?  

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